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Welcome to Excaliburware

We’re problem solvers and solution providers leveraging our teams 17 years’ experience to develop bespoke transformative software to help businesses thrive.

Our solutions support high-growth businesses align complicated tasks with simple efficiency.

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We provide

Software Development

A custom solution built to your specification

Web Portals

Provide extra value to your clients or users

Business Software

Run your entire business, end to end on one platform

The Why

Where we help

We listen intensely to growing businesses challenges so we can fully understand and appreciate their needs.

If you’re…

  • feeling stuck with old Windows 7 or XP

  • dealing with Excel spreadsheet nightmares

  • struggling with poor, overpriced software
  • growing out of an off the shelf solution

…we’ll help you

  • move away from MS Access and MS Excel

  • make your creative idea a reality 

  • find a better business fit solution
  • improve software speed and efficiency

The Why

Our work

We get huge satisfaction from transforming not only our business but our clients’ businesses too.


Our Process

We scope delivery that is a business fit for today and tomorrow.


It all starts with a conversation and you telling us your pain or what you’re trying to solve. We’ll know very quickly if we’re able to help and what that would look like in practice.

Very often, we’ll have examples of previous work which demonstrates our understanding of the solution and provide you with the confidence only experience can provide.


Wireframes allow us to storyboard your solution and provide an efficient visual example of what we’ll deliver.

These allow us to make changes quickly before any coding is done.


Once the wireframes have been agreed, we can provide a quote based upon the specifics provided for you to review.

We can always make changes at this point and adjust the quote as necessary, so we provide exactly what you require.


The size of the project will determine the payment terms, but we normally ask for a deposit up front, and further payments to be made at agreed milestones.

This allows you to budget accordingly whilst allowing us to cover our costs as we progress through the project.

Milestone reviews

At certain points during the project, important elements will fall into place and working pieces of the solution starts to emerge.

We call these milestones and provide an ideal point to provide an update and a review and feedback process of the work so far.


Although we simplify things as much as possible, depending on the size of your solution, you may require training or the delivery of training to your team or staff.

This can be arranged and delivered depending on your needs.


A very exciting time, when you see the solution come to life at the point of handover, when you take the rains and move from development to live.

We’ll manage this responsibly and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.


In today’s world, 2nd to security is availability.

We don’t just create the solution; we also look after the security and availability the solution and with different levels of support, we’ll have you needs covered.

Software Development

Except nothing less than what you need with a custom solution built to your specification.

And this is as good as it sounds.

We’ll work with you to identify your needs and provide efficient, future proof solutions to those problems you’re trying to solve.

Our software has been proven to help businesses with our end to end solutions, covering all aspects of the business requirements, automating where possible to remove human error and time hungry tasks better left to machines for more accurate and cost effective experience.

Web Portals

Improve your business processes and give extra value to your clients or users by providing a well-rounded experience with the help of an online portal.

Most businesses, either online or off now benefit from portal driven features, giving everyone a more efficient method of providing and receiving services.

We’ll work with you to identify those features you and your clients or users would benefit from and deliver those in a good looking, well-rounded experience.

Business Software

Business, even when good, is hard and we’re here to make it more cost effective by delivering technology to provide automated solutions to typically human required tasks which take time and prone to error.

You’ll receive accelerated efficiency using our end-to-end business software solutions via reduced time to complete tasks, reduced human error and time to correct and rectify, improved user experience and accuracy allowing time to be spent on more profitable areas of the business.

The Why

Our features


You’ll benefit from the latest in security tech and implementation

  • 2fa / mfa
  • Firewall
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Monitoring
  • Black / white lists
  • Multi role access
  • Access logs
  • Action logs

Custom branding

Brand your software or portal


Generate emails and attachments on the fly or automated

PDF generation

Send or print generated PDF from your system

Automated tasks

Stop the manual, error prone work and let a machine do the repetitive boring stuff

Digital Signatures

Send documents and agreements digitally for legally compliant signing

Browser access

Access anywhere, any time. Perfect for homeworkers or multiple offices or locations


Have it your way with on-premise solution only

Payment Gateways

Take money via many supported payment providers

Direct Debits

Benefit from repeated, predictable direct debit billing

Calendar functions

Organise your business or organisation through calendar-based functions

API Integration

Let systems talk to each other and benefit from automated processes and increased efficiency

Virtual Private Servers

Leverage secure, powerful, scalable and economic cloud computing for your solution



We share our knowledge and respect for excellence to put businesses back in control.


You’ll be provided with an SLA backed support and maintenance package to provide ongoing security, performance and availability to you and your users.

Not only do we create the software, we also maintain the software, providing everything needed in an ongoing basis, allowing you to focus on what you do best, whilst allowing us to focus on what we do best.


Delivery of the software should also include training on how to use the software.

Some systems can be complex and although we’ll work with you on how it’s meant to work, you may want us to train your staff and workforce on how to use the day-to-day functions.


It’s not always possible to delivery everything at once because the size of some systems means they’ll never be finished but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Which is why we suggest multi phased approach to deliver a minimum viable product in phase 1 and spec the subsequent phases to be delivered in a timely and organised fashion.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

The requirements will determine the cost although due to our development techniques and low overheads, we are more affordable than you’d expect.

See ‘What is a phased approach’ to see how to decrease the cost.

How long will it take?

This depends on how much work we need to do but since we use rapid development techniques and don’t reinvent the wheel each time, we are considered quick.

See ‘What is a phased approach’ to see how to increase delivery.

What is a phased approach?

We employ phased approaches to increase delivery and decrease the cost, providing a MVP (minimum viable product) in phase 1 to get you off the ground.

We then move less essential features into alternative phases 2, 3, 4 and so on so you can start using the software quickly and spread the cost across each phase.

What are R&D Tax Credits?

HMRC provide corporation tax relief to companies that work on innovative projects in science and technology and meet their requirements.

This is hugely beneficial in helping recover some costs towards your software.


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