Case Study:Replacing legacy systems with ground breaking software for a food manufacturer


The UK based food manufacturer was developing products to meet market demand and was growing considerably but they needed an innovative software solution to achieve a sustainable future.


The manufacturer was set up in 2003 and in the early years their software and processes met the needs of a small business and were easy to manage. However, due to massive growth they started to struggle to manage the business using legacy software and processes.

Scaling the business was hard using the legacy software – processes needed changing quickly and the software was making matters worse. Systems were inaccurate, prone to human error, time consuming, costly, and hard to work with. They were unable to grow at pace.

As they were developing more new products and taking on bigger risks, there was no off the shelf software to support their needs. Enterprise solutions like SAP battle to implement the unique requirements needed by their industry yet would command a high license fee.


Excaliburware brought in an end to end, future proof business software solution building in the client’s bespoke requirements.  We brought ground-breaking software to market, building around the manufacturer’s ideal needs for it to be automated, time saving with easy-to-use steps and processes.

As it was a time sensitive project, we strategically implemented a phased development approach as not all features could be included in phase 1. As a result, the business system was fit for purpose with no ‘work-arounds’ – an efficient, accurate, error free, cost-effective solution.


  • Excitement and joy to move away from the legacy system
  • Having a scalable new system makes everyone’s life easier
  • Achieving technical objectives – automated, streamlined steps and processes
  • Freeing time and resources to increase capacity and workload
  • Delivering up to date, actionable data for future forecasting and planning
  • Phase 2 being scoped with more being added – potential for constant development


Our features

Multi Role Access

Payment gateway

Sponsor profiles

PDF generation

Email notifications

Athlete profiles

Secure messaging

Invoice generation




You’ll be provided with an SLA backed support and maintenance package to provide ongoing security, performance and availability to you and your users.

Not only do we create the software, we also maintain the software, providing everything needed in an ongoing basis, allowing you to focus on what you do best, whilst allowing us to focus on what we do best.


Delivery of the software should also include training on how to use the software.

Some systems can be complex and although we’ll work with you on how it’s meant to work, you may want us to train your staff and workforce on how to use the day-to-day functions.


It’s not always possible to delivery everything at once because the size of some systems means they’ll never be finished but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Which is why we suggest multi phased approach to deliver a minimum viable product in phase 1 and spec the subsequent phases to be delivered in a timely and organised fashion.


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