Case Study: Centralising multiple systems for Booking agency



The UK’s fastest growing entertainment agency needed to update their online business software to help manage their growing portfolio of performers.




The agency’s existing software had constraints when managing clients, performers and venue bookings alongside processing invoices and contracts. Their software had limited processing options and useability.

They needed a calendar-based booking system to schedule clients, venues, performers and sales reps. The software also needed to better manage accounting and reporting, track email notifications and monitor digitally signed contracts.




Excaliburware created original software to help them become more agile in 2008. We resolved a technological challenge and helped them overcome their constraints by developing a single solution, an Application Programming Interface (API).

Our API leveraged and brought other services together like email, digitally signed documents, accounting software such as Xero and a complicated VAT system, that can often be wrongly implemented. Since 2008 multiple versions have been produced and we’re on our third major version of software.




  • Efficient management software to help grow the business
  • Book venues and performers more efficiently with less staff
  • Seamless integration of invoicing and purchasing
  • Under constant innovative development to overcome challenges


Our features

Multi Role Access

Payment gateway

Sponsor profiles

PDF generation

Email notifications

Athlete profiles

Secure messaging

Invoice generation




You’ll be provided with an SLA backed support and maintenance package to provide ongoing security, performance and availability to you and your users.

Not only do we create the software, we also maintain the software, providing everything needed in an ongoing basis, allowing you to focus on what you do best, whilst allowing us to focus on what we do best.


Delivery of the software should also include training on how to use the software.

Some systems can be complex and although we’ll work with you on how it’s meant to work, you may want us to train your staff and workforce on how to use the day-to-day functions.


It’s not always possible to delivery everything at once because the size of some systems means they’ll never be finished but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Which is why we suggest multi phased approach to deliver a minimum viable product in phase 1 and spec the subsequent phases to be delivered in a timely and organised fashion.


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