Case Study: Reimagining Existing Software for SaaS Business



The SaaS business wanted to achieve sustainable growth, yet their software solution was not fit to meet their ambitions for future development or scalability.




The SaaS business was being held back by the scope and scalability of their software. They had limited flexibility restricting their growth options for the future with their current software set-up. 

They were suffering from using technologies which hindered any potential innovative developments.

Developments to their software were slow and poorly delivered and internal confidence in the system was diminishing. They needed to overcome technological uncertainty and it was not resolvable with the current software functionality.




Excaliburware immediately saw that we needed to manage and caretake the current solution. We knew that to transform the business and to achieve their vision, they would benefit from us reimagining their existing software from the ground up. 

We had to rebuild the software from scratch, using methods that had not been used before. We launched it and made it a reality helping them serve their customers better. We used the most appropriate technologies and working practices to leverage rapid development.




  • Made an immediate impact on the business
  • The beta version was instantly hailed a success
  • Confidence in the software was restored
  • More clients were secured due to its success
  • Software is under constant development


Our features

Multi Role Access

Payment gateway

Sponsor profiles

PDF generation

Email notifications

Athlete profiles

Secure messaging

Invoice generation




You’ll be provided with an SLA backed support and maintenance package to provide ongoing security, performance and availability to you and your users.

Not only do we create the software, we also maintain the software, providing everything needed in an ongoing basis, allowing you to focus on what you do best, whilst allowing us to focus on what we do best.


Delivery of the software should also include training on how to use the software.

Some systems can be complex and although we’ll work with you on how it’s meant to work, you may want us to train your staff and workforce on how to use the day-to-day functions.


It’s not always possible to delivery everything at once because the size of some systems means they’ll never be finished but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Which is why we suggest multi phased approach to deliver a minimum viable product in phase 1 and spec the subsequent phases to be delivered in a timely and organised fashion.


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